Sahrawi youth representative meets Plurinational State of Bolivia President, Evo Morales

Havana (Cuba), July 17, 2018 (SPS) - member of the Saharawi delegation that takes part in the work of the XXIV forum of São Paulo, in Havana, Cuba, Jalil Mohamed has conveyed the message of the Sahrawi youth and people and their struggle for self-determination and independence to the attendee of the said forum.

Italy: establishment of a parliamentary group for friendship and solidarity with Saharawi people

Rome, Italy, July 17, 2018 (SPS) - The Parliamentary Group of Friendship and Solidarity with the Saharawi People was established Tuesday at the Italian Parliament, in the presence of the representative of the Frente POLISARIO in Italy, Mih Omar and the Ambassador of South Africa to Italy.

Fico Pizano of the Tuscany Region organizes special reception in honor of the Saharawi children of the Vacation in Peace Program

Fico Pizano (Tuscany / Italy), July 17, 2018 (SPS) - The Italian Municipality of Fico Pizano of the Region of Tuscany, has today warmly welcomed a group of the Sahrawi peace ambassadors visiting this municipality in the framework of the Vacation in Peace Program.

The reception was chaired by the Mayor of the town Mr. Youri Talloti and members of the Municipal Council, as well as the Saharawi delegate in Tuscany, Mr. Jandud Hamdi.

Saharawi Delegation takes part in São Paulo Forum in Cuba

Havana, July 16, 2018 (SPS) - The 24th edition of the Sao Paulo Forum is being held in Havana, Cuba, from July 15-17, with the participation of a Sahrawi delegation led by Minister for Latin America and the Caribbean, Mansur Omar.

EU-Morocco agreement including Sahrawi territories: Polisario Front firmly condemns, lodges appeal to CJEU

Bir Lahlou, July 16, 2018 (SPS) - The Polisario Front has firmly condemned on Monday the decision taken by the European Union Council to sign an amendment to the EU-Morocco association agreement, including the occupied Sahrawi territories, denouncing this act which scorns the international law and decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) which invalidated these agreements.

Fifteenth Congress of Polisario Front to be held within next year

Shaheed El-Hafed, July 15, 2018 (SPS) - The National Secretariat of the Polisario Front has decided, in accordance with the Basic Law of the Front, to hold the 15th Congress of the Polisaio Front within the coming year, said a statement following the 8th ordinary session of the National Secretariat.

National Secretariat reiterates willingness to cooperate with UN efforts to complete decolonization of last colony in Africa

Shaheed El-Hafed, July 15, 2018 (SPS) - The National Secretariat of the Polisario Front renewed its sincere will to cooperate with the United Nations efforts to complete the decolonization of the last colony in Africa, welcoming in this context the efforts of UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, and his Personal Envoy, President Horst Koehler.

National Secretariat holds 8th ordinary session

Shaheed El-Hafed, 14 July 2018 (SPS) - The National Secretariat of the Polisario Front on Saturday held its 8th ordinary session under the chairmanship of President of the Republic, Secretary-General of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali.

Irish parliament approves bill to ban import of products originating in occupied Western Sahara

Dublin (Ireland), July 14, 2018 (SPS) - The Irish Senate on Wednesday approved a bill known as Occupied Territories Bill 2018, which classifies any import or export of goods from and to the occupied territories as a crime punishable by five years imprisonment or a fine of 250,000 euros, indicated a statement of the Polisario Front in the UK.

Establishment of Sahrawi-French Center, Ahmed Baba Maska, for Studies and Documentation

Paris (France), July 12, 2018 (SPS) - The Sahrawi-French Center for Studies and Documentation, Ahmed Baba Maska, was established on Wednesday in Paris, in recognition of the great sacrifices made by the Sahrawi diplomat in the history of the Sahrawi people's just struggle for freedom and independence. .


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