Boujdour hosts 7th conference of Saharawi Imams

Boujdour (refugee camps), Nov 25, 2014 (SPS) - Work of the 7th conference of Saharawi Imams on Tuesday kicked off in the Wilaya of Boujdour, Saharawi refugee camps, under the theme “message and role of Mosques in social upbringing.”

The opening ceremony was attended by Minister of Justice, Hamada Selma Daf, directors of religious affairs at the national and local levels, as well as Imams from all provinces and national institutions.

UJSARIO attends conference about youth in Thailand

Bangkok, Nov 25, 2014 (SPS) - A delegation of the Saharawi Youth Union (UJSARIO) participated in a conference about youth role in the current political transformations, concluded Tuesday its work in Bangkok.

The delegation comprised of Hamdi Yusuf, International Secretary of UJSARIO, and Senia Bachir Abderrahman, vice-president of the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY).

Smara: peaceful vigils in solidarity with Saharawi inmates

Smara (occupied territories), Nov 25, 2014 (SPS) - The occupied city of Smara on Monday witnessed the organization of two peaceful vigils in solidarity with the Saharawi political prisoners languishing in Moroccan jails, said the Ministry of Occupied Territories and Diaspora.

During these vigils, participants raised Saharawi flags and chanted a number of slogans that call for the “immediate release” of all Saharawi political prisoners.

Condition of health of Saharawi political detainee deteriorated

Eit Melloul (Morocco), Nov 25, 2014 (SPS) - Condition of health of the Saharawi political prisoner, Lamjahid Mayara, has seriously deteriorated as a consequence of chest pains and fever he has been suffering since more than a week.

Faced with this situation, the administration of Eit Melloul Prison prevented the prisoner from having his right to medical treatment.

April will see confrontation between Security Council and Morocco, says President Mohamed Abdelaziz

Chahid Al Hafed (refugee camps), Nov 25, 2014 (SPS) - President of the Republic, Secretary General of the Polisario Front Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz on Sunday indicated that the next month of April will witness a confrontation between the UN Security Council and Morocco, adding that it will be an “important date” for discussing the issue of Western Sahara.

Two Saharawi political prisoners suffer ill treatment in jails of Ait Melloul and Inzegan

El Aaiun (occupied territories), November 23, 2014 (SPS) - Saharawi political prisoners, Abdelmoutaleb Srir and Muhammad Baber, are subjected to ill-treatment by the prison administration in Ait Melloul Inzegan jails where they had been recently transferred from the “cacel negra” (black Jail) in El Aaiun, indicated Saharawi human rights source.

AdalaUK launches campaign for release of Sahrawi political prisoner Embarek Daoudi

London, November 24, 2014 (SPS) – AdalaUK has launched an urgent appeal to the international community requesting sending mass e-mails to the Moroccan Ministry of Justice for the release of Sahrawi political prisoner Embarek Daoudi on a hunger strike since 1st November, in Sale jail 1, Rabat, Morocco, in a statement Sunday on its website.   

Preparatory meeting of international seminar on natural resources of Western Sahara

Melbourne (Australia), Nov 23, 2014, (SPS) – The committee of solidarity with the Saharawi people in Australia has held on Friday, a preparatory meeting of the international seminar on natural resources of Western Sahara; which will be held in Australia next March.

SADR new ambassador accredited to Namibia

Windhoek (Namibia), November 23, 2014 (SPS) - The Government of the Republic of Namibia has granted accreditation to Mr. Sadik Maalainin as Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic to Namibia, succeedingthe deceased, Abeid Louchaa.
 The two countries, the SADR and Namibia and the two movements, the Polisario Front and SWAPO, are linked by historical ties of solidarity and friendship and united diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level since June 1990.

European Trade Union Network calls for prosecuting responsible for death of Hassena Elwali

Toulouse (France), November 23, 2014 (SPS) - The European Trade Unions Network called for an independent inquiry into the causes of the death of Saharawi political prisoner Hassena Lwali and prosecuting the perpetrators.
In a resolution adopted unanimously at a meeting held on November 15-16, in Toulouse, France, the European Network expressed its condolences to the family of Hassena Elwali, died on September 28, in the occupied city of Dakhla, and all the Saharawi people.


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