SADR denounces Israeli-Moroccan oil agreement

Dakhla (Occupied Territories)- Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR)'s oil and mines authority has denounced the signing by Rabat, represented by the Moroccan National Office for Hydrocarbons and Mines, of an agreement with Israeli oil company Ratio Petroleum on the exploration of the Atlantic block of the occupied Sahrawi city of Dakhla.

SPLA targets positions of Moroccan occupation forces in several sectors

Bir Lahlou, 18 October 2021 (SPS) - Units of the Sahrawi People's Liberation Army (SPLA) launched intensive attacks targeting the Moroccan occupation forces' entrenchment in the sectors of Al-Mahbas, Al-Farsiah, Al-Bakari and Um Adreka, according to military communiqué No. 340 of the Ministry of National Defense.

President of Republic calls for setting timetable for mission of new UN envoy, providing guarantees for organization of referendum on self-determination

Shahid Al Hafed, 17 October 2021 (SPS) - President of the Republic, Secretary General of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, has called on the UN Security Council to set a timetable for the mission of the new UN envoy for Western Sahara, and to provide guarantees for the organization of a self-determination referendum, during a press conference held on Saturday, in the presence of the national and international press, on the occasion of the 46th anniversary of national unity.

Chinese company announces end to phosphate exploitation in occupied Western Sahara

Beijing, 16 October 2021 (SPS) - The Chinese phosphate company "Molybdenum" announced in a message to the Western Sahara Resource Watch (WSRW) that it has definitively renounced the acquisition of pillaged phosphate rock from occupied Western Sahara.

In 2020, the Observatory tracked the trucks that transported the phosphate rock from the port of Santos (Brazil) to a closed industrial zone, the WSRW said in a statement published on its website.

Letter from senators to Blinken: Polisario Front expresses its satisfaction

Washington, 16 October 2021 (SPS) - The Polisario Front representative in the United States, Mouloud Saeed, expressed on Thursday his satisfaction with the letter addressed by ten American senators to the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, in which they questioned him on the human rights situation in Western Sahara.

Timor-Leste NGOs Forum (FONGTIL) Supports firmly the right of the people of Western Sahara to Self-determination

Dili (Timor-Leste), 14 October 2021 (SPS) - The Saharawi Republic (S.A.D.R) Ambassador to Timor-Leste, Mr. Malainin Abba met today with Mr. Daniel Santos do Carmo, Executive Director of Timor-Leste NGOs Forum (FONGTIL), who expressed Timor-Leste NGOs Forum (FONGTIL), which is an Umbrella NGO that encompass 237 NGOs in Timor-Leste firm solidarity and support to the struggle of the Saharawi people to exercise their right to complete Self-determination.

First Security Council meeting on Western Sahara since De Mistura's appointment

New York (United Nations), 13 October 2021 (SPS) - UN Security Council meets Wednesday for consultations on the situation in Western Sahara, the first such meeting since the appointment of UN secretary general's special envoy Staffan de Mistura.

Gali: "The war´s consequences will affect the entire region, if the UN continues to manage the conflict instead of resolving it"

Wilaya de Dajla, October 13, 2021 (SPS) - The President of the Republic, Secretary General of the POLISARIO, Mr. Brahim Gali, said “the consequences of the renewed war between the Frente POLISARIO and Morocco After the latter's violation of the ceasefire will affect the entire region if the UN continues to manage the conflict instead of resolving it ”.

SPLA units attacks enemy positions in Auserd, Farsía and Mahbes sectors

Bir Lehlu , October 13, 2021 (SPS) - The units of the Saharawi People's Liberation Army (SPLA) launched new attacks against the Moroccan occupation forces positioned in the sectors of Auserd, Farsía and Mahbes.

According to War Report No. 335 released by the Ministry of National Defense, Tuesday, units of our army carried out intense bombardments that caused fear and panic in the ranks of enemy soldiers positioned in the following regions:

Fourth UN Commission: "Western Sahara is a case of decolonization"

New York, Oct 13, 2021 (SPS) - Western Sahara is a case of decolonization and illegal military occupation, pleaded the petitioners, defenders of the right to self-determination of the Saharawi people at the Fourth UN Commission.

They deplored the absence of protection mechanisms for Saharawi citizens due to Morocco's refusal to allow observers to access the occupied territories.


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