President Brahim Gali undertakes national tour to all wilayas

Smara (Saharawi Refugee camps), January 29, 2019 (SPS) - the President of the Republic, Brahim Gali, undertook a visit to  the wilaya of Smara to review the progress of work in the institutions at regional and local level, in the framework of his tour to the wilayas of the Republic

Gali who began his tour of the wilaya of Aaiùn, where he is accompanied by the Head of the Political organization, and several ministers including the Minister of Education, Minister of the Interior, Minister of Health, Minister of Water and Environment, visited the institutions of the said province.

In his visit to Smara, the Secretary General of the Frente POLISARIO and the ministerial delegation that accompanies him, visited different regional and local institutions such as a Secondary school, the regional hospital, a Daira, and a center for special education, he, gave several orientations for political and technical work, highlighting the need to provide all services to the citizens.

During the visit, the delegation heard the problems and concerns of the workers of these institutions.SPS