International Art Festival: Some 70 international artists from 16 countries expected in Dakhla

Dakhla (refugee camps), Oct 21, 2017 (SPS) - Some 70 world- renowned artists and human rights defenders from at least 16 countries, are expected Friday in Dakhla (Sahrawi refugee camps) to take part in the International Art Festival, the organizers said Thursday.

Some 70 participants, giants of art and music will come from Palestine, South Africa, Chile, France, Finland, Mexico, Italy, the United States of America, Cuba, Honduras, Great Britain, Uruguay, Argentine, Egypt and Spain in addition to Algeria.

They will be all "under the same tent", the slogan chosen for the 2017 edition of the International Art Festival of Dakhla, which will last for four days, said the organizers of the event, sponsored by the Sahrawi Culture Ministry and the Cultural Association (Bajo La Misma Jaima).

Human rights activists, including Leila Mohamed Ali and Karia Khara, will also attend the event. In addition to its entertainment character, the event aims at broadening the circle of people showing solidarity with the Sahrawi people, said the same source.

Internationally renowned players will also give courses in music education for children between 8 and 13 who will be introduced to the peaceful struggle. (SPS)