September 2011

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29/09/2011 - 02:42

Polisario Front urges Navanethem Pillay to immediate intervene to protect Saharawi defenceless in occupied Dakhla

29/09/2011 - 01:02

Presidency of Republic declares Sept 29 day of national mourning in memory of martyr, Maichan Lahbib

28/09/2011 - 21:17

AU should act proactively to ensure that UN assumes its responsibility in Western Sahara, says President

27/09/2011 - 18:09

Abuja conference on Saharawi woman struggle is culmination of WAELE desire to provide much support to Saharawis liberation struggle, confirms Dr. Basirat Nahibi

26/09/2011 - 20:22

Assassination of a young Saharawi in occupied city of Dakhla

26/09/2011 - 19:49

At least eight people injured and two others arrested in the occupied city of Dakhla

26/09/2011 - 19:27

Sahrawis’ exasperation may lead to point of no return, warns Sahrawi PM

26/09/2011 - 11:58

Piombino conference demands the immediate application of UN resolutions on Saharawis right to self-determination

26/09/2011 - 11:35

Algeria to host international symposium on right of peoples to resistance on October 28, reveals Mehrez Alamari

25/09/2011 - 01:23

World women, in particular Africans, are strongly called to support struggle of the Saharawi woman (official

24/09/2011 - 20:33

Kingdom of Lesotho voices its support to Saharawi people struggle for freedom and independence

24/09/2011 - 20:30

Republic of Zimbabwe urges UN to live-up for its obligations towards the Saharawi people

24/09/2011 - 20:18

Namibia calls on UN to the immediate holding of self-determination referendum in Western Sahara

23/09/2011 - 12:03

Tanzania reaffirms support to Saharawi people right to self-determination and independence

23/09/2011 - 11:32

International conference on Sahrawi women struggle for freedom in Nigeria

22/09/2011 - 12:13

Mozambique renews support to right of Saharawi people to self-determination

22/09/2011 - 11:51

South Africa asserts support to struggle of Saharawi people for freedom and independence

21/09/2011 - 13:38

Sahrawi Republic participates in Independence Day of Republic of Belize

21/09/2011 - 12:04

Ecuador appoints its UN permanent representative as ambassador to the Saharawi Republic

21/09/2011 - 11:34

Italian Parliamentary Group for Western Sahara reaffirms support to the Saharawi cause

21/09/2011 - 10:48

Saudi Arabia provides 200 tons of dates for benefit of the Saharawi refugees

20/09/2011 - 14:48

Third European Conference of Towns supporting Western Sahara people in Italy

20/09/2011 - 12:48

"There is no French support in favour of Morocco," says French Ambassador in Algiers

19/09/2011 - 00:07

President of Republic receives the Saharawi participants in Madeira’s meeting on Hasania culture

18/09/2011 - 22:23

Morocco does not recognize the work of UN in Western Sahara (Saharawi diplomat