7th FICA: "Ledjouad" documentary screened in Algiers

Algiers, Dec 5, 2016 (SPS) - "Ledjouad" documentary film broaching culture and Sahraw people's link to their homeland through famous poets from this country colonized by Morocco was screened Sunday as a part of the International Cinema Festival of Algiers (FICA).

First film produced by the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), directed by three documentary makers in 2016, "Ledjouad" the initiatory travel of Imam Boisha, a Sahrawi poet exiled in Spain, who accompanies two other poets to "Ledjouad," a mythical area in desert "in which the poetry of this people was born." 

The quest of this Spanish-speaking poet whose verve was "dried up" by exile makes the spectator see the figures of Badi, a mystic poet from Belga who has a perfect knowledge of the Sahara and its secrets, in addition to Sidi Brahim, the guest of travellers under the tent pitched on the surroundings of Ledjouad's mysterious rocks.

The documentary also reflects an identity and a culture having millennial traces, and highlights the beauty of hassanya-speaking poetry.  (SPS)