Morocco: Did AU Violate its own principles?

BY Oscar Kasya *

Namibia calls for the release of Saharawi Political Prisoners amid the eminent threat of Covid-19

By: Vitalio Angula

By: Omeima Abdeslam

Thirty Nine political prisoners, amongst them Mahafouda El Fakir (who was released on the 15 May 2020) have found themselves as victims of gross human rights violations by the Moroccan regime.

Their only crime was and remains a demand for the freedom and independence of their homeland, Western Sahara, from Moroccan tyranny.

Morocco: Thousands of persons demonstrate in Casablanca against social inequalities

Casablanca (Morocco), 24 February 2020 (SPS) - Several thousands of persons on Sunday demonstrated in the streets of Casablanca (west of Morocco) to denounce social inequalities and the high cost of living, reported media quoting local sources.

The marchers protested against unemployment, the high cost of living and the breakdown of public services while demanding the release of political prisoners.

'Moroccan whitewashing of the blood phosphate trade to NZ'

Thursday, 13 February, 2020

New Zealand is once again the subject of attention by Moroccan agents who seek to perpetuate the illegal import of plundered phosphate rock from Western Sahara. Morocco has dispatched a large delegation to New Zealand to lobby for the continuation of the illegal phosphate trade.

South Africa boycotts regional tournament over Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara

The South African Football Association (SAFA) on Wednesday announced its decision to withdraw from the 2020 Africa Futsal Cup of Nation due to the tournament being hosted in the city of Laayoune in the disputed Western Sahara region.

SAFA in their decision said this was in line with the South African government and African Union (AU) resolution, hence, displaying their solidarity with the Sahrawi to fulfil its agreement with the AU.

Ravensdown's Western Sahara story rebutted

Saturday, 18 January 2020, 12:21 pm

Press Release: Western Sahara Campaign

Western Sahara, clear-cut conflict of decolonization in Africa

By Hana Saada

December 23, 2019

'Blood phosphate' imports from Western Sahara may prompt illegal port strikes - union

Fertiliser companies importing so-called "blood phosphate" from Western Sahara could face illegal strike action by port workers in future, warn unions.

A ship chartered by Ravensdown, the Federal Crimson, is currently unloading the last of 51 tonnes of phosphate at Port Chalmers, after earlier docking in Napier and Lyttleton.

At each port, it has been boarded by members of the Rail and Maritime Transport Union, who have handed protest letters to the captain.


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