President of Pan-African Parliament receives a warm reception in the Wilaya of Smara

Smara (Refugee Camp), 03 February 2023 (SPS) – The President of the Pan-African Parliament, Mr. Fortune Charumbira, arrived today, in the Sahrawi refugee camps, as part of a visit to the Sahrawi Republic, during which he will meet with a number of Sahrawi officials.

Upon his arrival in the Wilaya of Smara, Mr. Fortune Charumbira was received by the regional people's assembly of the Wilaya, chaired by the member of the National Secretariat and the governor of the Wilaya of Smara Ms. Mariam Salek Hmada. He was also warmly received by the authorities and masses of the Wilaya as an appreciation of the African solidarity with the Sahrawi Republic.

The governor of the Wilaya of Smara, Ms. Mariam Salek Hmada, after welcoming Mr. Fortune Charumbira and his accompanying delegation, she called on the African Parliament to contribute to achieving the demands of the Sahrawi people for freedom and independence.

The Sahrawi official also called on the African Union to contribute to empowering the Sahrawi state to regain its sovereignty over its entire national territory.

She added, "Africa lives in the hearts and minds of the Sahrawi. We hope that Africa will occupy a prominent position among the nations with its youth, men and women."

For his part, the President of the Pan-African Parliament, Mr. Fortune Charumbira, and after he introduced the accompanying delegation of deputies, chairmen of committees and officials of regions from Africa, he explained, "I am happy with the leadership of the African Parliament to be among you," adding, "We are committed to our mission towards the peoples of Africa and all their issues, among which peace and security in Africa.

"We have heard a lot about your suffering and difficulties, and we are aware of the existing problem with Morocco, and we have many serious attempts to resolve this dispute," said Mr. Fortune Charumbira.

The African official added “Our organization the African Union, of which the Sahrawi Republic is a member, calls for unity, but this will not be achieved until Western Sahara issue is resolved”, praising the Sahrawi state for its steadfastness and defense of the legitimate demands of the Saharawi people.

The President of the Pan-African Parliament stressed that “Africa is looking for peace and the issue of Western Sahara is the longest and Africa and its leaders have failed to resolve this conflict so far.

Mr. Fortune Charumbira referred to the issue of human rights, noting, "We have come to the conclusion that the issue of Western Sahara is a real and sincere issue that must be resolved, and we will do our best to find a solution to it and raise it to African leaders to take it into account, along with the United Nations who are responsible for this conflict."

During his visit, the President of Pan-African Parliament will meet with officials of the Sahrawi government and Polisario Front, as well as the Sahrawi National Committee for Human Rights. He will also visit some Sahrawi institutions.

Mr. Fortune Charumbira was received at the Airport in Tindouf by Mr. Hama Salama, President of the National Council, and the Sahrawi Ambassador to South Africa, Mr. Mohamed Yeslam Besit.

SPS 110/T