16th Congress of Polisario Front: Approval of narrative and financial reports and extension of work for 48 hours

Dakhla (Refugee Camps), January 18, 2023 (SPS) - The Sixteenth Congress of the Polisario Front approved with an "absolute majority" the narrative and financial reports submitted by the National Secretariat regarding the work done between the 15th and 16th Congress.

After the approval of the narrative and financial reports, and in accordance with the requirements of the Basic Law of the Polisario Front, the National Secretariat was dissolved.

The fifth day of the work of the Congress was marked by the submission of responses, on behalf of the outgoing National Secretariat, to all the inquiries and concerns expressed in the interventions of the conferees regarding what was stated in the narrative and financial reports.

On the other hand, the Presidency of the Sixteenth Congress of the Polisario Front decided to extend its work for two more days, after it was scheduled to conclude its activities from Tuesday night to Wednesday.

The member of the Presidency of the Congress, Mr. Mohamed Ambarak Mohamed Ahmed, revealed that the Presidency decided to extend the Congress for an additional 48 hours, starting on January 17 at 12:00 at night, after the expiry of the legal period.

SPS 110/T