Sahrawi civilian prisoners start warning hunger strike in Ayet Melloul prison in Morocco

Ayet Melloul prison (Morocco), November 01, 2022 (SPS) - The Association for the Protection of Sahrawi Prisoners in Moroccan prisons has received updates regarding the deteriorating detention conditions of the Sahrawi civilian prisoners within the “Agdim Izik Group”, and they are; Ibrahim Dedi Ismaili, Mohamed Ahnini Arruh Bani and Sid Ahmed Faraji, in the Ayet Melloul prison in Agadir southern Morocco.

The association confirmed that the Sahrawi civilian prisoners within the “Gdeim Izik Group”, in the local prison of Ayet Melloul 1, have started a hunger strike for 72 hours from 01 to 03 November 2022, due to their dangerous and inhumane situation inside the prison, adding that they warned  if the situation continues as it is, they will start an open hunger strike until all just and legitimate demands are met to improve their detention conditions and bring them closer to the place of their families’ residence, in line with the Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners (Mandela Rules).

In this regard, the wife of the Sahrawi civilian prisoner, Mohamed Ahnini Arruh Bani, said that the local prison administration, Ayet Melloul 1, had deliberately moved the Gdeim Izik Group political prisoners to revolting cells that did not meet the necessary health conditions, and prevented them from daily space, phone contact with the family, preventing medical treatment.

She also added that the prison administration, on 03 and 13 last September, searched the cells of the Sahrawi civilian prisoners within the Gdeim Izik Group in a humiliating and inhumane manner, where the prison director deliberately transferred them to fetid cells without taking into account the critical health condition for all members of the group resulting from medical negligence and lack of necessary treatment and medication.