Opening of the first seminar of board of directors of Sahrawi health institutions

Paramedical Center (Sahrawi refugee camps) August 17, 2022 (SPS) - The works of the first seminar of the board of directors of Sahrawi health institutions opened yesterday, at the paramedical center, "Martyr Ahmed Abdel Fattah," in the presence of the Minister of the Sector, Mrs. Khira Bulahi and members of the national secretariat, the government, and officials of health sector.

This seminar aims mainly to, said The Minister of Public Health in a welcoming speech, “introduce a deep and comprehensive reform based on reviewing and correcting the health map by adopting modern standards based on accurate diagnosis and objective data submitted by health officials.”

Khira Bulahi added that the seminar also aims to discussing ways to develop a new system based on "effective governance based on more efficient use of available national resources, whether human or material, confirming that the outcomes of the seminar will constitute a "practical work map that will be embodied on the ground", based on measures related to "health sector reform, and improving quality and access to health services."

During the first day of the seminar, which lasts for two days, a report was presented on the evaluation of the Sahrawi health system, including all the achievements, as well as the problems and obstacles.