Morocco's plundering of Sahrawi phosphate continued during 2nd quarter of 2022

El Aaiun (occupied territories), 14 August 2022 (SPS) - The Moroccan occupier continued to plunder Sahrawi phosphate during the second quarter of 2022 with the complicity of companies involved in the transport and import of this mineral, indicated a report by the Association for the Monitoring of the Natural Resources and Environment Protection in Western Sahara (AREN).

In its report entitled "the plundering of Sahrawi phosphate during the second quarter of 2022", the Sahrawi Association demanded a halt to the plundering, calling on the companies concerned to respect international law and to assume their responsibilities.

"The quantities of phosphate looted during the second quarter of this year amounted to 398,395 tons, divided into seven shipments, most of which were imported by the company INNOPHOS, with 555,117 tons, followed by the company PARADIP, with 255,114 tons and the two New Zealand companies, RAVENSDOWN and Balance Agri-Nutrients with respectively 40,077 tons and 63,511 tons, " specifies the same text.

The report of the Sahrawi Association stresses, moreover, that the companies involved "have used several methods that have made the task of monitoring and follow-up difficult" by taking another route than the one usually used.

It cites several companies involved in the looting of Sahrawi phosphate, including the American company "INNOPHOS" which has benefited from the largest share of this looting in recent months.

The American company has resumed the import of Saharawi phosphate after an interruption of several years, despite its commitment not to resume this illegal activity, and this is within the framework of the social responsibility of the company, it should be recalled.

In its report, the association also drew the attention of the international community to the complicity of ships involved in the plundering of Sahrawi wealth with the Moroccan occupier, while inviting it to assume its responsibilities towards the Sahrawi people in order to allow it to exercise its right of sovereignty over its wealth.

In the same context, she called on the UN Security Council to take decisive and dissuasive measures against the Moroccan occupier to prevent it from continuing the plundering of Sahrawi phosphate.