POLISARIO affirms "there is no other solution outside the framework of the UN-OAU Plan of 1991"

Chahid El-Hafed, 11, August 2022 (SPS) - The Frente POLISARIO reaffirmed today that "there will be no other solution to the Western Sahara conflict outside the framework of the 1991 UN-OAU Plan".

In a statement made public at the conclusion of the National Secretariat ‘session "renewed its full willingness to cooperate with the efforts of the Secretary General of the United Nations and his Personal Envoy for the decolonization of the last colony in Africa, emphasizing that there is no solution to the conflict outside the clear legal framework embodied in the UN-OAU Settlement Plan of 1991, the only one that has received the agreement of both parties and the support of the UN Security Council , in a way that guarantees to the Saharawi people their inalienable right to self-determination and independence, like all colonial countries and peoples”.

On the other hand, the POLISARIO warned that "the silence of the international community towards the conduct of the Moroccan occupation state only threatens peace and security in the region."

"In this context, the Saharawi Republic expresses its sincere willingness to promote cooperation, coordination and consultations with its neighbors, Algeria and Mauritania, as well as the other countries in the region, including Libya, Tunisia, Niger and Mali to deal with the dangers and challenges that threaten our peoples and countries,” the statement added.

In addition, the National Secretariat "valued very positively the important visit to the Saharawi Republic carried out by the Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security of the African Union, Mr. Bankole Adeoye, taking into account the role of the Union as a key partner of the United Nations in the decolonization of the African continent”, concludes the statement. SPS