UESARIO 4th Congress kicks off in Wilaya of El Aaiun

El Aaiun (Refugee Camps), 6 August 2022 (SPS) - The 4th Congress of the Sahrawi students Union of Saguia el Hamra and Rio de Oro (UESARIO) was kicked off Friday in the Wilaya of El Aaiun, the Sahrawi refugee camps, with participation of more than 400 delegates from UESARIO's branches, a delegation from the occupied territories of Western Sahara, and more than 150 guests representing international student organizations which maintain working relations and cooperation with UESARIO.

The participants in UESARIO’s 4th Congress will work on developing a strategy for the union's action for the next four years, as well as electing a leadership, Secretary General and members of  Executive Office.

The Congress, which bears the name of the martyr Bakkar Laghdaf, and held under the theme "Sahrawi Students, Soldiers for Liberation and Force for Construction," will culminate in several recommendations. (SPS)