Spanish Congress of Deputies adopts draft motion on Western Sahara, for friendly relations with Algeria

Madrid (Spain), 2 July 2022 (SPS) - Spanish Congress of Deputies (lower house of the legislative body) adopted Thursday a non-binding proposed motion requesting Spain's return to its neutral position over Western Sahara and the re-establishment of a friendly relationship with Algeria, local media reported.

The draft motion was voted in a plenary session by 193 votes in favour, 110 against and four abstentions.

"A draft motion on Spain's foreign policy with 15 points has been presented by the parliamentary group of the People's Party (PP)," the representative of the Polisario Front in Spain, Abdellah El-Arabi, told APS.

"The 13th point is about the re-establishment of relations between Spain and Algeria and the need to abide by Spain's historical position over Western Sahara, in line with international law and UN resolutions."

On April 7th, Spanish Parliament voted a proposal reiterating Western Sahara people's inalienable right to self-determination in accordance with the resolution of the United Nations.

Spanish MPs had then approved a non-legislative proposal submitted by three parliamentary groups, denouncing the "illegal" change of position by Madrid over Western Sahara conflict.