American supporter with Sultana Khaya family starts a hunger strike

Occupied Boujdour, 9 May 2022 (SPS) - Ruth McDonough an American activist who stands with the family of Sahrawi activist Sultana Sid Brahim Khaya, began on Wednesday in the occupied city of Boujdour, a hunger strike in order to support Khaya, her family and all members of the Sahrawi people, and to draw attention on the violations and crimes committed by Morocco in the occupied Sahrawi territories.

The team working to follow up the Battle of Sultana Khaya and her family indicated in a statement that “since November 19, 2020, the Moroccan government is holding the human rights activist Sultana Khaya and her sister and their mother Aminatou under effective house arrest in the occupied city of Boujdour, during this period, Moroccan forces broke into and entered the home of the Khaya family, tied the hands of the elderly mother Aminatou behind her back with plastic tapes, forced her to watch the rape of her daughters, destroyed almost all furniture, cut electrical wires, cut water, poisoned water tank, tortured and beat the family several times, injected Sultana with unknown substances, and prevented her from entering and leaving the house by force”.

The statement added that “the American supporter affirms that Sultana Khaya is a non-violent Sahrawi peace activist and that her current demands for the Moroccan occupation forces are simple, most importantly, to stop the rapes against her, end the siege of her home and allow an independent, non-partisan international human rights organization to enter the house to investigate and report on the violations that occurred”.

“Ruth McDonough started this hunger strike in solidarity with Khaya’s family and the Sahrawi people,” said the statement.

A solidarity groups, including Ruth McDonough, are present at the Khaya family home to help break the siege on the family home since November 19, 2020.