SPLA attacks enemy forces in the Guelta, Amgala, Mahbes and Farsía sectors

Bir Lehlu (Sahrawi Republic), 29, March 2022 (SPS) – The units of the Saharawi People Liberation Army (SPLA) attacked intense bombardments against the entrenchments of the enemy along the Wall of Shame, particularly in the sectors of Guelta, Amgala, Mahbes and Farsía, leaving considerable balances of human and material losses.

During this week, SPLA units have launched intense concentrated attacks against enemy in Laagd, Gararat Al-Firsik, Guerat Uld Blal, Sabjat Tanuchad, Udei Un Rakba, Udei Adamran, Rus Asabti, Rus Acheidmiya and Um Lagti, Mahbes sector.

In addition, forward detachments of our army have attacked the positions of the Moroccan occupation forces in the Gararat Achadida, Gararat Lahdid and Alfeiyin regions, in the Farsía sector, causing fear and panic in the ranks of the enemy.

In this same week also, the units of our armed forces intensified their bombardments against the entrenchments of the enemy forces in the regions of Fadrat Al-Ich, Fadrat Lagrab, Ajbelat Al-Jadar and Ajbeilat Albid, in the Guelta sector, while Other detachments concentrated their attacks against the enemy soldiers stationed in the Amagli Adachara and Amagli Al-hara regions, in the Amgala sector.SPS