Spanish deputies and senators take out the Saharawi flag in protest against the harmful position of Pedro Sánchez in Western Sahara

Madrid, March 22, 2022(SPS) - The Spanish Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares, will appear urgently today before Congress as a result of the political crisis generated by the mistaken statement by Pedro Sánchez regarding the process of decolonization of Western Sahara, even before the date, several deputies and senators have taken advantage of the parliamentary work on yesterday to condemn the decision and wear the colors of the Saharawi flag.

In a debate on the extension of maternity or paternity leave in single-parent families, the deputy spokesperson for Unidos Podems in Congress, Sofía Castañón, wanted to show the support of the confederal group of Unidos Podems to the representatives of the Saharawi people who were in the tribune of hemicycle guests. Among the attendees was the Delegate of the Frente POLISARIO in Spain, Abdullah Arabi, who thanked this and other political groups for the expressions of affection received before and during the plenary session.

"I want to convey to you the firm commitment to Western Sahara because it is a matter of historical responsibility, coherence and memory", Castañón stated to the applause of his colleagues from the confederal group, who took advantage of the end of the intervention to remove several flags from the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic in full hemicycle.

Also in the upper house, the Senate, there have been proclamations and posters in favor of the Saharawi people. During the session, the Valencian senator from the Compromís formation, Carles Mulet, took out several flags and posters that read "Free Sahara". Before, the political representative described the Prime Minister as a "traitor" for supporting Morocco.

The image highlights the gaps between the unilateral policy of Pedro Sánchez and the bulk of the Spanish political class, critical not only of form but of substance for betraying the Saharawi people.SPS