CONASADH President to Solidarity webinar: “Moroccan Monarchic regime commits crimes of war in Western Sahara under International Community’s complicit silence

Chahid El Hafed (Saharawi Republic) 19 November 2021 (SPS)- The President of the Saharawi National Commission for Human Rights, Mr. Abba El Haissan, affirmed that the Moroccan Monarchic regime is committing crimes against humanity and war crimes against Saharawi civilians in occupied territories, including against Saharawi activist, Sultana Jaya and her family.

The Saharawi jurist further indicated, in his statement during a Webinar of solidarity organised this Friday morning with Saharawi human rights defender, Sultana Jaya, under siege for one year so far, that this Moroccan crimes are committed under total silence from the international community.

He held the UN and the International Commission of the Red Cross accountable for this deteriorating situation because of their ignorance of the Saharawi civilians' sufferings under Moroccan military occupation.

Following is the full text of the statement of the President of the Saharawi National Commission for Human Rights as received by Sahara Press Service:


Statement of Abba ElHaissan: President of the Saharawi National Commission for Human Rights

First of all, allow me to thank all those who have contributed to the success of this solidarity conference with the Jaya Family, which is taking place one year since the start of their resistance against oppression and occupation. I would like to thank all the supporters from across the globe who have expressed unconditional support and solidarity with the Jaya Family’s battle of dignity and in the face of the worst form of oppression.

This historic battle led by Sultana Jaya and her family from within their home in occupied Bojador, flying the Saharawi Republic flag high every single day, has created an unprecedented method of resistance and defiance, and will be recorded as source of pride and inspiration for the Saharawi peaceful resistance trajectory. And it will be etched forever in the Saharawi people’s history of resistance.

As you know well, the coward Moroccan oppressive apparatus have tried several times to assassinate Sultana Jaya in the most brutal and systematic manner. For example, they threw rocks at her almost blinding her other eye, another time she was almost thrown off by a crane from the roof of her home, then she was intentionally infected with coronavirus, and more recently she was injected with an unknown substance that endangered her health. This is not to mention the crimes of repetitive rapes and sexual assaults, which demonstrate just how low Rabat has reached.

Today, we denounce the international community’s shameful silence in the face of the crimes committed by the Moroccan occupying state against innocent Saharawi civilians. We all hear of the fake and false slogans that call for respect of human rights, justice and democracy, which evidently do not apply in Western Sahara where the world is turning a blind eye to Morocco’s violations.

Today we hold the Moroccan King personally responsible for all the crimes against humanity and crimes of war that his leadership, the security forces and military are committing in the occupied territories of Western Sahara. History will show that he is equally responsible as his father Hassan II before him was.

We would like to remind everyone that the Moroccan occupying state is emboldened today by the violations it is committing against Saharawi civilians and human rights defenders, which is doing with full impunity. This could not have been possible without the complacency of the United Nations and the international community and their shameful silence. This could not happen if Morocco was held accountable for its crimes and continued violations of the principles and values of international law, humanitarian law and political morals.

With the above said, we ask, don’t the Saharawi people and all people of conscious have the right to question the efficacy of the United Nations Mission in Western Sahara, which does not seem to see, hear or speak in the territory that the UN hold full responsibility towards and towards its people? A responsibility which the UN General Assembly confirms annually with its resolutions regarding Western Sahara as a territory pending decolonization. 

Today is not only an occasion to express solidarity with the brave Jaya family but also an occasion to assert more efforts and take urgent action at all levels to end the siege condemn the Moroccan regime led by the King of Morocco and to bring them to international justice.

Today, it is incumbent on all Saharawis everywhere to intensify their efforts, strengthen and harmonize their national unity to thwart all vile maneuvers by the enemy, and to rally behind the POLISARIO Front as the only vehicle to reach our goals of achieving full sovereignty over Saharawi Republic, which many martyrs have fallen defending.

Those who do not stand today in support and solidarity with Sultana Jaya, her family and all victims of Moroccan systematic oppression are on the wrong side of history and on the wrong side of the future. And what is even more dangerous is that these kind of people have been stripped away of any humanity or dignity to be able to stand on the side of wrong and on the side of oppressors, occupiers and enemies of humanity. They are enemies of the people.

I thank you!” (SPS)


090/500/60 (SPS)