FP Representative thwarts the Moroccan delegate allegations at the UN

New York (UN), Nov 04, 2021 (SPS) - The Frente POLISARIO Representative at UN and Coordinator with MINURSO, Dr. Sidi Mohamed Omar, confirmed “the words spoken yesterday by the representative of the occupying State of Morocco before the UN Commission on Special Policy and Decolonization (Fourth Commission) in its current session are nothing more than pure fabrication.”.

" Moroccan State ambassador to UN once again resorted to false allegations  the decolonization of Western Sahara was completed with the" signing of the Madrid Agreement on November 14, 1975 "and that continuing to address the issue as a matter of decolonization "contradicts the provisions of UN resolutions, especially General Assembly resolution 1514 (XV)."

In statements to SP, Sahrawi diplomat reaffirmed the statement “is simply nonsense and, therefore, unfounded for a series of reasons, the first of the which is that the Madrid Agreement (Declaration of Principles of Madrid) signed between Spain, Mauritania and Morocco on November 14, 1975 is a null and void agreement because it violates a binding norm of public international law, the right of colonized peoples to self-determination. In addition, the Agreement also contravenes the historic ruling of the International Court of Justice, the main judicial organ of UN, issued on October 16, 1975, which categorically held that “the material and information presented to it do not establish any link of sovereignty between the territory of Western Sahara and the Kingdom of Morocco ”(paragraph 162). SPS