The Settlement Plan is the only existing agreement, based on the organization of a self-determination referendum, and the final solution lies in the respect by Kingdom of Morocco of its internationally recognized borders (Minister of Foreign Affairs)

Chahid el Hafed, October 23, 2021 (SPS) - Mr. Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, member of the National Secretariat, Minister of Foreign Affairs has made the following statement:

"The day when the Security Council sets a date on which MINURSO will organize the referendum, for which it was established, and in addition, justifies its presence in our territory, and when Morocco renew its commitment and its adherence to the Settlement Plan, we can say that the Sahrawi-Moroccan conflict has entered a phase of peaceful, consensual, realistic, just and final solution.

Today, we are watching, with rejection and disapproval, the continuation of unjust attempts to confiscate the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination, independence and sovereignty, in a total violation of the resolutions of international legality.

This approach is unfair and has no future, whatever is covered into terms and sentences far from the text and the spirit of the agreement concluded between the two parties to the conflict, the Polisario Front and the Kingdom of Morocco, in 1991, under the supervision of the United Nations and the Organization of African Unity, that was unanimously adopted by the Security Council, it is doomed to failure.

The sole objective of the entry into force of the ceasefire, as part of the agreement, was to create the conducive and necessary conditions for the organization of the referendum.  Morocco's withdrawal from this path at halfway, with the blessing and support of some countries, has led, unfortunately, to the resumption of the war, that will not stop until the end of the illegal Moroccan occupation of our country, and the respect to our borders and the sacred rights of our people, for which they have sacrificed so much and still sacrificing with all their strength.

The Sahrawi side, which has shown the greatest restraint for three decades and has cooperated with all seriousness, wisdom and responsibility with the United Nations, all the secretaries general and successive envoys, as well as with MINURSO, '' will never accept to touch, an inch, of the inalienable rights of the Saharawi people, the legal nature of the Saharawi cause as a classic issue of decolonization or the situation of belligerence to the conflict between the two parties,  namely, the Polisario Front and the Kingdom of Morocco.

time has came to speak, loudly and clearly, with a truth-language, in all responsibility, seriousness and transparency, to alert and draw attention to the recklessness and dangerous slippages practiced by certain countries, members or not,  of the Security Council, that are pushing the whole region to war.  And we held them fully responsible for the grave consequences of this unjust policy.

The representatives of the United Nations will find in the Sahrawi side a constructive and responsible cooperation based on the clarity of the principles and parameters of the path of the political process which can not be deviated from its legal nature and the sacred principles on which it was established and which are, moreover, enshrined in the Charter and in all the resolutions, and reaffirmed by the International Court of Justice and in the Constitutive Act of the African Union and in it’s decisions as well.

 We say today that the credibility of the United Nations is at stake.”

SPS 090/110