The Republic of Bolivia and the Sahrawi Republic affirm historical relations between the two countries

La Paz (Bolivia), September 18, 2021 (SPS) - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bolivia issued on last Thursday, an official statement announcing the cancellation of the decision of the coup government and friend of the Moroccan occupation regime, according to which relations with the Sahrawi Republic were frozen.

In its statement, the Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced Bolivia's adherence to the historical relations it had with the Sahrawi Republic and its decision to strengthen it.

The Bolivian President, Mr. Luis Arce, had received Mr. Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, Minister of Foreign Affairs, who handed him a letter from Mr. Ibrahim Ghali, President of the Republic and Secretary-General of the Polisario Front.

During his visit to the Republic of Bolivia, Ould Salek met with his Bolivian counterpart, Mr. Rogelio Maite, the former President, Mr. Evo Morales, and a significant number of leaders of political parties who expressed their strong solidarity with the struggle of the people of the Sahrawi Republic against the Moroccan occupation.

SPS 090/110