Peruvian Association of International Law denies Moroccan embassy fallacies

Lima (Republic of Peru) September 11, 2021 (SPS) - The Peruvian Association of International Law has published an important statement refuting the propaganda and fallacies that the Embassy of Morocco published in some media through bribed journalists.

In its statement, the Assembly affirmed the positions of the international community on the right of the Sahrawi people to sovereignty and self-determination, mentioning that the international community considers the Saharawi state as a full membership with diplomatic relations with many countries, and it has a full membership in the African Union.

Observers in the Peruvian capital (Lima) consider that the statement of the Peruvian Association of International Law, which was headed by Mr. Oscar Maurtua, until he was appointed weeks ago at the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a strong refusal of what the Moroccan embassy tried to promote as a result of the disappointment after the resumption of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Peru and Saharawi Republic.

The Peruvian Association of International Law includes a large number of former foreign ministers and ambassadors, in addition to dozens of judges, lawyers and professors of international law.

SPS 090/110