SPLA carries out new attacks against the entrenchments of the Moroccan occupation forces

Bir Lehlu (Sahrawi Republic), August 04, 2021 (SPS) - Units of the Sahrawi People's Liberation Army (SPLA) carried out a series of new attacks against various entrenchment points of the Moroccan occupation forces along the Wall of the shame.

According to War Report No. 266 issued by the Ministry of National Defense, Tuesday  units of our army carried out intense bombardments, which caused panic and fear within the ranks of the occupying forces entrenched in the following positions:

- The Udei Azayat region, Farsía sector.

- The Bin Amera region, Farsía sector.

- The Um Dagan region, Bagari sector.

- The Lazraziyat region, Guelta sector.

- The Gararat Al-Firsik region, Mahbes sector.

- The Sabjat Tanuchad region, Mahbes sector.

- The surveillance point No. 211 in the Udei Um Rakba region, Mahbes sector.

- The Jangat Huría region, Smara sector.

It should be noted that the attacks and bombardments of our army units continue to devastate the positions and entrenchments of the Moroccan occupation forces, leaving considerable amounts of human and material losses along the Wall of Shame. SPS