Minister of Information pays tribute to Algerian journalists who advocate liberation causes

Shaheed Al Hafed, 11 July 2021 (SPS) - Minister of Information, Hamada Selma, sent during a symposium organized Sunday under the theme "The Sahrawi issue in Arabic-speaking media: reasons of absence and means of attendance", a message of tribute to the Algerian journalists who advocate with their free pens the liberation causes in the world, especially the Sahrawi and Palestinian causes.

At the opening of the symposium, the Minister of Information of the Sahrawi Government praised the "great role played by Algerian media in contributing to raising awareness of the Sahrawi cause in terms of national and international opinions."

The symposium, which was hosted at the Presidency of the Republic, was supervised by the office of the Adviser to the Presidency of the Republic in charge of the Arab world, Nana Labat Rasheed, in cooperation with the Algerian Media Network for Solidarity with the Sahrawi cause. (SPS)