Moscow Communist Interbrigades ready to raise awareness on situation in SADR

Brussels (Belgium), 29 May 2021, (SPS) - An international videoconference on security and stability in the North African Sahel region, entitled "the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic: Guaranteeing stability and security in the region", was held yesterday with the participation of experts, political scientists, professors and politicians from various countries, organised by the Conference of Support and Solidarity with the Struggle of the Sahrawi People (EUCOCO) in partnership with the Franco-Sahraoui Study and Documentation Center, Ahmed Baba MISKE.

Solidarity comrades from the Russian Federation also took part in the conference, among them comrade Artem Krasim, representing the Moscow Communist Interbrigades, who welcomed the participants, expressing full support for the struggle of the people of Western Sahara.

Artem Krasim said in his greeting: "On behalf of the Moscow Communist Interbrigades, I would like to thank you for an interesting and informative international webinar. Of course, we want to express our solidarity with the people of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR). The principle of self-determination called for by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin cannot be forgotten, and every lover of freedom must support and defend the rights of the Sahrawi people."

"Since the problem of Western Sahara is inevitably a problem of colonialism and its legacy, Western countries with a colonial past must never ignore these evil deeds of theirs and guarantee support and just retribution to all the victims of the conflict," added the representative of the Moscow Communist Interbrigades.

"The Moscow Communist Interbrigades are ready to assist in informing Russian comrades about the situation in the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic", expressing the readiness "to spread information about the struggle of the people of Western Sahara to all Russian comrades", concluded the representative of the Moscow Communist Interbrigades. (SPS)