SPLA carries out new attacks against Moroccan occupation forces

Bir-Lahlou (Liberated Territories), 17 May 2021 (SPS) - Units of the Sahrawi People's Liberation Army (SPLA) carried out, on Sunday and Monday, new attacks targeting the positions of the Moroccan occupying forces, said the Sahrawi Ministry of Defense in its military communiqué N 187.

According to the same source, "SPLA units bombed Sunday the positions of the occupation forces in the areas of Ross Essabti, Laâkad and Akrara El Fersik in the Mehbès sector, as well as in the area of Rous Benzeka in the Houza sector.

On Monday, advanced SPLA units shelled the entrenchments of the occupation forces in the Umm Dken area in the Bakari sector, the communiqué added.

The SPLA attacks continue against the occupation forces which are suffering heavy human and material losses along the wall of shame, the communiqué concluded. (SPS)