President of Republic affirms Morocco breaks African consensus

Chahid Al-Hafed, March 10, 2021 (SPS) - The President of the Republic, Mr. Brahim Gali, stated that Morocco undermines the existing consensus at the African level regarding the issue of Western Sahara and continues to violate the Constitutive Act of the African Union.

“When African leaders accepted the readmission of Morocco as a member of the Union in 2017, they emphasized that this step only sought to achieve the objective of finding African solutions to African problems and offering the opportunity to unite our countries and peoples on the values ​​that defended the founding fathers of the African Union, which are solidarity, unity, freedom and equality, ”the president stressed.

In this regard, Mr. Ghali also said that "four years have passed and we continue to see no progress in this regard, but rather an increase in intransigence and violations by the Kingdom of Morocco of the Constitutive Act of the African Union", making emphasis on the fact that “the annexation of territories by force and the disrespect for the borders inherited from colonialism represent the greatest danger that threatens the continent and even the very existence of the African Union”.

On the other hand, he asserted that “the lack of making a firm decision, either by the United Nations or the African Union, towards this behavior has encouraged the Kingdom of Morocco to continue underestimating the continental organization, trying for all the means prevent it from fulfilling its duty, responsibility and capacity to put an end to the decolonization of the continent and solve the African problems, such as the conflict between the Sahrawi Republic and the Kingdom of Morocco ”. SPS