Deutsche Welle sheds light on illegal looting of Sahrawi people natural resouces

Berlin, Feb 13, 2021 (SPS) - The German channel "Deutsche Welle" highlighted the systematic and illegal plundering of fish by the Moroccan occupation through the occupied port of Dakhla, the far south of Western Sahara.

The famous German channel revealed that Morocco "produces 65 percent of its fish wealth in the occupied port of Dakhla, which is one of the most famous octopus fishing ports in Africa and the world,".

The European channel indicated, "During the summer of 2020 only, more than 4 thousand tons of octopus and 1500 tons of fish (Lasarka) were caught in the occupied city of Dakhla."

It has also mentioned in its report, the legal battle waged by the Frente POLISARIO against the illegal Moroccan plunder of Western Sahara resources, as it filed lawsuits before European courts. SPS