Morocco recognizing Western Sahara, admission of opposing party’s existence

Algiers, 18 January 2020 (SPS) - The Sahrawi people seek to achieve one target, namely expending their sovereignty over its territories, especially as Morocco keeps secret the war in Western Sahara because “recognition would mean admitting the existence of the opposing party,” said Secretary General of the Ministry of Security and Documentation Sidi Oukal. 

Speaking at “Special Meeting” show on TV3 channel, Oukal explained that Morocco kept the battles on the spot secret because “recognizing the war would mean recognizing Western Sahara admitting all legal and economic consequences.”

Since the violation of the ceasefire on 13 November, “the war is taking place on a daily basis along the wall of shame where 300 military attacks were conducted,” stressed Oukal.

The Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) used all legal ways to achieve its goal, “including the armed struggle which is the basis of the recovery of our right,” he said.

“Besides, the Sahrawi army adopts an attrition war in view of imbalance of forces and “a popular war underpinning war of nerves and classic war. The attrition war focuses on the human factor and aims to undermine the enemy’s forms,” he continued.

Referring to the losses recorded in the ranks of the Moroccan army, the Sahrawi official said "the Moroccan soldiers are a static position and constitute fixed targets.”

The head of the Secretariat of the Polisario Front Khatri Addouh said that the Tweet of the outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump recognizing Morocco's alleged sovereignty over Western Sahara will have no legal consequences and cannot influence international positions.

He also ruled out the possibility of changing the legal nature of the Sahrawi issue, explaining that "Trump's statement meant an open and official normalization of the Moroccan regime with the Zionist entity, especially since the UN Secretary General stressed that the Sahrawi cause was still a question of decolonization and self-determination, on which all organizations have expressed their positions of solidarity.” (SPS)