Moroccan-Israeli normalization trap heightens risk of war in region

Brussels, 16 January 2021 (SPS) - President of the European coordination for support and solidarity with the Sahrawi people (EUCOCO), Pierre Galand said that the "trap" of the normalization of relations between the Moroccan regime and the Zionist entity, Israel, in order to imposing Morocco's so-called sovereignty over Western Sahara exposes the region to the risk of a new hotbed of war.

In a letter made public on Wednesday, Pierre Galand, added that in the eyes of the Moroccan people, "the Moroccan government and the king have betrayed the unwavering solidarity of the latter with the most legitimate rights of the Palestinian people to a sovereign state with East al Quds as capital."

"Your people will not accept the shameful bargaining of Western Sahara against al Quds and its great Al-Aqsa mosque. The king's advisers, the Makhzen, have taken the risk of putting their privileges and the crown of their leader in danger," he added.

The EUCOCO president further considered, that "Morocco let the wolf out among the sheep, because neither the United States nor Israel does care about the future of Morocco ... because you are pawns in their overall strategy and you may quickly pay the price."

"By letting the USA and Israel settle in your home ..., you run the risk of opening up a new source of war and instability in the region, that you don’t measure the impact on your people and those of the Maghreb," he wrote in his letter. (SPS)