Former resolution process of Sahrawi issue “outdated”

Shaheed El-Hafed, 9 January 2021 (SPS) - The former process to resolve the Sahrawi issue is technically “outdated” as Morocco does not fulfill its commitments, said Thursday Representative of the Polisario Front in Europe and at the European Union (EU) Oubbi Bucharaya Bashir.

Speaking at "Face to Face" programme on France 24 channel, the Sahrawi official said that "the settlement process prior to 13 November is politically obsolete, because of Morocco's rejection of the principle of self-determination and the referendum, and technically, because of its military invasion of a new region in the buffer zone of El-Guerguerat.”

“This has nothing to do with the announcement of the outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump, but is rather explained by the fact that the Kingdom of Morocco does not fulfill its commitments. Moreover, there has been no will from the United Nations, particularly the Secretariat General and the Security Council, a real political will to boost the settlement process and implement the resolutions.”

"Morocco has chosen to delay the process, procedurally and politically, and has now brought us back to the starting point and the front end of the UN-Africa settlement process," he lamented.

"The legal framework that is immutable determines the legal status of the territory and recognizes the legitimacy of the struggle of the Sahrawi people," he recalled, saying that "solutions will depend on the situation on the ground.”

"The Polisario Front seeks to bring Morocco back to reason in order to recognize our right to freedom and independence, as it has already done in 1988, after a long period of reluctance," said Bucharaya Al-Bashir.

Regarding Morocco's attempt to equate the Sahrawi people's right to freedom and independence with a question of separatism, the Sahrawi official explained that "this term is unacceptable, given that the Polisario Front is a recognized national liberation movement fighting to establish an entrenched democratic right of the Sahrawi people, which is the right to self-determination.”

In response to a question whether the Polisario Front is counting on the next U.S. administration to reverse the decision of the outgoing president Donald Trump regarding the announcement of Morocco's alleged "sovereignty" over Western Sahara, the Sahrawi diplomat stressed that the Front counts on the will of the Sahrawi people and its support for the legitimate and sole representative.” (SPS)