53 Norwegian NGOs correspond its government to defend Sahrawi people´s HHRR and their right to self-determination

Oslo (Norway), Dec 02, 2020 (SPS) - Norwegian civil society organizations called on the government of Norway to play a leading role in defending human rights in Western Sahara by calling on Morocco to release human rights prisoners held in Moroccan prisons for many years

The Norwegian bodies, in an open letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, demanded the need to take initiatives on the UN Security Council for the permanent monitoring of human rights in Western Sahara, to open the region to the United Nations special rapporteurs.

Regarding natural resources, the 53 signatories of the letter called on the Norwegian Foreign Ministry to follow the example of former Foreign Minister Jan Petersen by informing Norwegian companies that have interests in Western Sahara to respect Norwegian trade laws, and Jamil calls on Norwegian gas exporters to refrain from selling and exporting it. To the Moroccan companies present in the occupied territories.

It also called on the government to adhere to a clear position on occupied Western Sahara, in line with international law, which does not recognize Morocco's sovereignty over the region and classifies its presence as a military occupation force.

In conclusion of the letter, a copy of which was sent to the Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, the bodies requested the government to clarify the initiatives they intend to take to defend the human rights of the Sahrawi people and their right to self-determination. SPS