Algerian CSOs express their unwavering support to the Saharawi people’s struggle

Algiers, 22/11/2020 (SPS) – Several Algerian Civil Society Organizations (SCO) have expressed their unwavering support and solidarity with the Saharawi people’s legitimate struggle.

During a Solidarity Day organized at the Saharawi Republic’s embassy in Algiers, by several organizations gathered in a civil society conglomerate called Al-Masar Al-Jadid (the New Path), the Algerian CSOs “condemned the Moroccan violation of the ceasefire agreement signed with the POLISARIO, stating that the escalation provoked by the Moroccan occupation forces represents a desperate attempt for the Moroccan regime to elude its commitments towards the international legality as well as  the agreements signed with the POLISARIO Front”.

During this solidarity day, which was also attended by several representativseof the Algerian political parties, the media and the Saharawi Diaspora in Algeria, the Saharawi Republic Ambassador to Algiers, His ExcellencyAbdalkaderTaleb Omar, affirmed that “the Saharawi people’s struggle is a prolongation of the November Revolution that brought about sovereignty and freedom to the Algerian people and that the Saharawi people will certainly be as victorious as the November Revolution was”. (SPS)