LEFT in European Parliament condemns Morroco’s military invasion in Guergerat

Brussels, 19 November 2020 (SPS) - The LEFT Group in the European Parliament has “strongly condemned” the Moroccan military invasion in the liberated zone of Guergerat, describing this act as “an unacceptable violation” of the UN-backed ceasefire.

In a statement published today on their website, the LEFT highlighted that Morocco’s recent troop deployment to Western Sahara “is not only an affront to the sovereignty of the Sahrawi people, but also an unacceptable violation of the UN-backed ceasefire.

“By sending the Moroccan army to Guerguerat, near the Mauritanian border, last week and by shooting at peaceful demonstrators against the occupation, Rabat has effectively ended the 29-year truce with the Polisario Front,” underlined the statement.

It reaffirmed solidarity for the Sahrawi people in fulfilling their inalienable right to self-determination.

The LEFT, on other context, urged the European Union, to act “immediately to help resolve the conflict, and ensure that the rights of the Sahrawi people will not be violated.”

On Friday, the Moroccan occupying forces opened three new breaches in the wall of shame to attack the peaceful Sahrawi protesters who were protesting peacefully in Guerguerat.

Reacting to this flagrant violation, the Saharawi People’s Liberation Army responded appropriately to this attack. (SPS)