Khatri Addouh: the war will continue as long as the United Nations shirks its responsibilities

Shaheed El-Hafed (Sahrawi Republic), 18 November 2020 (SPS) -Member of the National Secretariat and head of the political organization of the Polisario Front Khatri Addouh underlined Monday that “the war will continue” as long as the United Nations shirks its responsibilities, especially as the organization hasn’t exert pressure on Morocco to comply with the international legality and respect the agreements of 1991.

In an interview with the Spanish news agency EFE, in the Sahrawi refugee camps, reported by the Sahrawi media outlets, Khatri Eddouh held Morocco responsible for the collapse of the ceasefire agreement signed 29 years, because of its attack Friday on a defenseless Sahrawi group in El-Guerguerat.

“We have entered a new phase because of the position taken by Morocco by putting an end to the ceasefire. We are in a state of war and we were forced to take this decision,” he said.

The Sahrawi official pointed out that “his country’s people have shown patience for about three decades (….). However, Morocco felt impunity because of the lack of seriousness from the Security Council and the absence of a decisive position of the UN General Secretariat.”

In this respect, he criticized the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO), underlining that it failed to carry out its mission successfully, adding that its strength has weakened in the last few years following Rabat’s maneuvers. (SPS)