Armed struggle will correct Sahrawi cause course and will transfer war to the occupied cities, Says Sahrawi Diplomat

Algiers, November 16, 2020 (SPS) - The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic ambassador to Algeria, a member of the National Secretariat, Mr. Abdelkader Talib Omar, has expressed  Frente POLISARIO´s conviction that military will make the difference in its struggle with the Moroccan occupier, after it breaches the ceasefire in force since 1991.

“Frente POLISARIO waited too much and now it realizes that armed action alone can "move stagnant waters and correct the course" in light of Morocco's disregard for the decisions of International legitimacy, the Sahrawi ambassador made statement to the first Algerian radio channel,

‘’POLISARIO , he went on saying , has alerted UN to what Morocco intends to do, considering that after the events of Guerguerat we are at war with the occupation and that the bombing of Moroccan military sites will continue, the Sahrawi people are motivated to wage war and sacrifice for the cause’’

 “A new dynamic is ahead and war will reach all occupied cities in the occupied territories’’. SADR ambassador to Algeria highlighted

‘’Rabat sought to empty the United Nations plan of its content in light of the latter's failure to appoint a UN envoy to the region’ pointing out that the Sahrawi people were fed up with these practices, which prompted them to close the Guerguerat breach in order to convey its voice to the international community’’ He added SPS