Establishment of Galician Parliamentary Peace and Solidarity Intergroup to support the Saharawi People

Santiago de Compostela (Galicia), Nov 10, 2020 (SPS) - the Parliamentary Intergroup "Peace and Solidarity" has been established in the Parliament of Galicia to support the legitimate demands of the people Saharawi for their self-determination and independence.

At the ceremony various Politicians forces expressed their unanimous support for the just struggle of the Saharawi people, affirming that this position emanates from the high level of solidarity with the Saharawi people in the Galicia region as well as their firm position to continue backing and raising awareness through Galician institutions about the injustice of which the Sahrawi people.

The event was attended by the Saharawi representative to the region, Mohamed Mehdi Zerga, and the Chairwoman of the Galician Association of Friendship with the Saharawi People (SOGAPS), Maite Islas.

“The parliamentary group includes representatives of all the formations present in the Galician parliament.” It should be recalled SPS