SRC expresses respect for the valuable work of international solidary workers

Chahid El-Hafed, Sept 08, 2020 (SPS) - Coinciding with the celebration of the International Day of Cooperating People, a date selected to honor women and men who have decided to dedicate their time and talent to improving the realities of the most disadvantaged and fighting for a more just world, the Saharawi Red Crescent has joined the international celebration to highlight the “valuable work” and “solidarity altruism” of the international aid workers who..

"Their noble work represented in different organizations and collectives, has been vital to consolidate the pillars of resistance of a vulnerable people and victims of the oldest political conflict in the African continent," SRC pointed out in its statement.

The president of the Saharawi institution, Buhubeini Yahia, recalled that “since its foundation in 1975, the Saharawi Red Crescent has found in different international organizations an essential support to carry out significant humanitarian programs and development projects for the benefit of the Saharawi people.

In addition, Yahia has reviewed that "basic services such as health, education, access to water and food security would be difficult to achieve without the accompaniment of thousands of international aid workers who have developed their work in refugee camps."

In this sense, Yahia has recognized that “The current situation marked by the global pandemic and the rapid spread of COVID-19 has once again demonstrated the value of international aid workers in supporting underprivileged groups. The Sahrawis have directly felt the contribution of the aid workers and their organizations in our effort to defeat a virus that continues to cause great damage worldwide ”.

The world anniversary is “an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to continue supporting and encouraging the work of local and international aid workers in the Sahrawi refugee camps. In this area of ​​support, we will continue to strengthen our lines of training and emancipation of Saharawi women in the cooperation sector, Buhubeini Yahya concluded.

¨The date was agreed by world leaders, at the United Nations headquarters in New York, in the approval of the Millennium Declaration adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in the Eighth Plenary Session of the year 2000.¨ it should be recalled