AI calls on Morocco to drop "fabricated charges" against Sahrawi journalist Brahim Imrikli

Washington, 06 September 2020 (SPS) - Amnesty International on Friday demanded that the Moroccan occupation authorities drop the immediately charges, which it described as "fabricated," against young Sahrawi journalist, Brahim Imrikli.

Brahim Imrikli, 23, is a video journalist affiliated with the Activists Foundation and will be tried next Monday in the occupied city of El-Aaiun for reasons related to his journalistic work, the international organization said on its Twitter page. 

The organization indicated that Brahim Imrikli was arrested on May 15th by four police officers as he wandered the streets of El-Aaiun, where they violently forced him into a police car on the grounds of violating the state of emergency imposed on the outbreak of the Coved 19 virus.

The organization added that the Sahrawi journalist was arrested even though he had a permit to move and was detained for two days, where he was ill-treated while in police custody.

Indeed, he was transferred as soon as he was arrested to the so-called security mandate in the occupied city of El-Aaiun, where he was subjected to violence and interrogation associated with insults and verbal abuse, fabricating a false statement against him and submitting it after spending 48 hours in pre-trial custody before the occupation judiciary in a remote electronic trial, deciding to present him in the court of first instance on Monday (September 7th) on charges of "violating the state of emergency and insulting a public officer". (SPS)