Sahrawi civilian prisoner wages warning hunger strike in Morocco

Tiflet (Morocco), 8 August 2020 (SPS) - Sahrawi civilian prisoner Mohamed Hasena Ahmed-Salem Bourial, in the local prison of Tiflet 2, Morocco, on Friday announced waging a warning hunger strike for 24 hours in protest against the discrimination and racist practices to which he is subjected to in the prison.

In a testimony of the sister of the Sahrawi civilian prisoner, Mohamed Hasena Ahmed-Salem Bourial, to the Association for the Protection of Sahrawi Prisoners, he was exposed on Wednesday to ill-treatment and confiscation of some of his belongings by the local prison staff and guards, who broke into his cell in an arbitrary and degrading manner aimed at exerting further restrictions against him.

Sahrawi civil prisoner Mohamed Hasena Ahmed-Salem Bourial, is in the local prison of Tiflet 2, east of Rabat, under an unjust and harsh sentence of 30 years imprisonment, during an unfair trial that lacks the guarantees and standards of a fair trial, took place in the Moroccan city of Salé, with the testimony of major international organizations concerned with human rights, such as Human Rice Watch and Amnesty International, on the background of his participation in 2010 in the events of the Gdeim Izik camp, east of El-Aaiun, the capital of the occupied Western Sahara. (SPS)