Sahrawi State´s health system is in the service of her citizen” Public Health Minister

Wilaya of Dakhla, March 26, 2020 (SPS) – the Minister of Public Health, Mrs. Jira Bulahi, has reaffirmed this morning , that the Sahrawi State is in the service of  the health of her citizen during a visit to the Wilaya of Dakhla to inspect the implementation of the recent measures taken by SADR´s government to tackle the spread of Coronavirus

The Minister of Public Health, in a statement to the media, has emphasized  that  during the Sahrawi Government and Frente POLISARIO  healthy accompanying the Sahrawi population in in various fields.

Since the outbreak of the global Corona virus pandemic, the Sahrawi has took measure to protect their citizens and preparing its health facilities to be ready for any spread of the virus.

Without the positive cooperation of our citizen in all Wilayas, the above-mentioned measures are not alone enough to face the worldwide pandemic.SPS