Frente POLISARIO condemns a new Moroccan expansionist attempt holding Spain responsibility

Bir Lehlu (Saharawi Republic), January 23, 2020 (SPS) - The Frente POLISARIO has expressed its maximum and strong condemnation of the initiatives organized by Morocco to illegally establish the exclusive economic zone and the delimitation of the maritime borders intending  to annex the adjacent waters to Western Sahara.

Frente POLISARIO Foreign Committee Chairman, Emhammed Jadad, has unterlined that the two bills passed by the Moroccan parliament "are just another episode of Moroccan expansionism which affects  the entire region" . Jadad warns that “this act takes place within the framework of the desperate campaign carried out by Morocco to legitimize its illegal occupation of parts of Western Sahara through bribes and the involvement of foreign entities in their colonial adventure in the occupied part of our national territory ".

The Sahrawi Diplomat recalls that Morocco "intends to annex the territorial waters adjacent to the Canary Islands and other Spanish territories" and adds that the current context "is a direct consequence of the failure of Spain, being the powerful administrator of Western Sahara, to fulfill its legal and historical responsibility to decolonize the Saharawi territory in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the UN General Assembly on the one hand, and the unjustified submission of Spain to politics of Moroccan blackmail, on the other hand. ”

Qualifying the act initiated by Rabat as "simply an act of propaganda", Mhammad Jadad regrets the submission of Spain to the regime of VI Mohamed. "Making more concessions by the government of Spain" will only encourage Morocco to persist in its expansionism that the Saharawi people continue to suffer since Morocco occupied Western Sahara by force in October 1975 with the complicity of the Spanish authorities of that time ”, Adds Jadad in his statement.

“Now there is an opportunity for democratic Spain and its progressive government to rectify this great historical error and assume its historical, legal and moral responsibilities towards the Saharawi people and their inalienable rights to self-determination, independence and permanent sovereignty over their natural resources ", he Adds, while reminding Moncloa" that the so-called authentic borders of Morocco, which represent the epitome of Moroccan expansionism, have no limits.

In line, Jadad demonstrates that "the international community, which has never recognized the illegal occupation by Morocco of parts of Western Sahara, will consider it only as another desperate Moroccan attempt to divert attention from the acute structural crisis suffered by the Moroccan regime."

Before possible measures or steps to be taken, the Saharawi responsible states that “the Frente POLISARIO will examine the measures that are adopted in the judicial procedures that it has presented before the General Court of the European Union, and will follow with interest the measures that Spain will take in this appearance. POLISARIO "will not hesitate to submit the matter to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea to establish that these laws are null and void," concludes Jadad.

Morocco tries to legitimize its illegal occupation of Western Sahara by using new methods to support its expansionist policy in North Africa. With the orders of the Alaui monarch, the Moroccan Parliament has approved “two bills related to the establishment of the exclusive economic zone and the delimitation of the maritime borders, extending the illegal exclusive zone to Lagüera, occupied areas of Western Sahara, and part of the waters near the Canary Islands that Spain considers within its exclusive economic zone.SPS