Unilateral decisions of Guinea, Gabon to open consulates can never legitimate territory’s colonization

Algiers, 20 January 2020 (SPS) - Algeria underlined Saturday that the serious unilateral decisions taken by Guinea and Gabon to open consulates in Western Sahara can under no circumstances legitimate the occupation of this territory nor question the Sahrawi people’s right to self-determination.

“Algeria was informed of the unilateral decisions taken by the governments of Guinea and Gabon to open consular representations at Dakhla and al-Aaiun, two occupied cities of Western Sahara,” said a communiqué of Western Sahara.

“These serious decisions which constitute a blatant violation” of the norms of the international law and relevant resolutions of the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly on the issue of Western Sahara,” can under no circumstances legitimate the colonization of these territories nor question the Sahrawi people’s inalienable right to self-determination, in accordance with the enshrined doctrine and practices of the United Nations (UN) and the African Union (AU) in this regard,” added the source.

These unilateral acts, which aim at “hindering the ongoing decolonization process,” in addition to the fact that they constitute a “blatant violation” of the rules of the international law inherent to the peoples’ right to self-determination, represent also a “serious breach” of the solidarity principles which must prevail between the founding countries of the African Union and which must also guide their relations notably regarding their necessary commitments to defending, in all circumstances, the rules and principles contained in AU’s constitutive act,” concluded the source. (SPS)