The fifteenth conference of the Polisario Front appreciates the firm positions of Algeria regarding the Sahrawi issue

Tifariti (Liberated Territories), January 02, 2020 (SPS) - The fifteenth conference of the Polisario Front appreciated the firm positions of the leadership and people of Algeria towards the Sahrawi people and their just cause.

At the end of its work, the conference expressed in a letter to the Algerian President, Mr. Abdel Majid Taboun, its appreciation to the consistent positions of Algeria towards the just issues in the world, as the Sahrawi issue.

“As The Fifteenth Conference of the Polisario Front is finishing its work in this distinguished period of the struggle of the Sahrawi people, it evokes with appreciation and gratitude, those firm and courageous positions of the pioneering first November revolution. It also salutes and your great heroes, who led the people to the prosperity, progress which they enjoy today” said the letter.

The conference stressed on its letter “that the position of support and solidarity that the Sahrawi people received from the Algerian leadership, people, army, institutions, civil society and parties, and its courageous pleading on the cause of the Sahrawi people in international forums, are clear evidence of a lifelong commitment of the great Algerian nation to the ideals of freedom, democracy, justice and other lofty ideals which came within the great statement of the 1st  of November, and before that deepened by the continuous popular revolts and resistance against French invasion, injustice and colonialism”.

“The conference evokes with admiration the giant gains that Algeria of pride and dignity has been adding under its wise leadership, to congratulate you on your successive successes that enabled Algeria to occupy the supreme position it deserves among nations” added the letter.

Finally, the conference wished to the Algerian leadership and heroic people good health and more prosperity. (SPS)