Moroccan authorities prevent Basque MPs from entering occupied Western Sahara

El-Aaiun (Occupied Territories), 2 December 2019 (SPS) – The Moroccan authorities on Sunday prevented a group of Basque parliamentarians from entering the occupied capital of Western Sahara, El-Aaiun, and forced them to return on board the plane that took them from the Canary Islands.

The parliamentary group comprises Carmelo Barrio (PP), Josu Estarrona (EH Bildu), Íñigo Martínez (Elkarrekin Podemos) and Eva Juez (PNV).

They were to hold a series of meetings with Sahrawi associations and activists in order to find out about the reality of the human rights situation in the occupied territories of Western Sahara and to break the blackout practiced by the Moroccan occupation.

It is worth mentioning that since its occupation of parts of Western Sahara, Morocco has closed the occupied territory to foreign missions and delegations in an attempt to obliterate its crimes and violations of the rights of the Sahrawi people. (SPS)