Australian senator expresses solidarity with Sahrawi people's legitimate struggles

Sydney (Australia) September 24, 2019 (WA) - Australian Senator Tim Ayres expressed solidarity with the legitimate struggles of the Sahrawi people for freedom and independence, in a statement Monday in Sydney at a charity luncheon in favor of the Saharawi cause, organized by the Australian Committee for Friendship with the Sahrawi People.

During the ceremony that was also attended by Dr. Meredith Burgmann, Australian politician and Labor Party member and a former President of the New South Wales Legislative Council, Senator Tim Ayres said he was happy to support the cause of the Sahrawi people because it is a just cause, adding that the Australian Labor Party supports the Sahrawi cause not only because it is an important liberation struggle, but because it is also a cause that defends the principle of self-determination of peoples, and expressing the hope that the Sahrawi people would be able to determine their own destiny as soon as possible, like many peoples of the world.

For his part, the Polisario Front representative in Australia, Mohamed-Fadel Kamal, expressed gratitude to the Committee of Solidarity with the Sahrawi people, which organized the ceremony, and gave a presentation on the latest developments related to the Sahrawi cause. (SPS)