Saharawi civilian prisoners of the Gdeim Izik Group start an alarming hunger strike

El Aaiún (occupied capital of Western Sahara), Sept 17, 2019 (SPS) -The Saharawi political prisoners of the Gdeim Izik Group have announced Monday that they will begin a simultaneous hunger strike in several Moroccan prisons in protest of their continued arbitrary detention.

The League for the protection of Sahrawi prisoners received a statement made by the civilian prisoners of the Gdeim Izik Group after having initiated a 48-hour hunger strike on the occasion of the second anniversary of their arbitrary deportation after receiving harsh sentences.



After two years of our arbitrary and humiliating deportation from Al Arjat prison on September 16, 2017, to several prisons, after receiving harsh sentences by the corrupt Moroccan judicial system after the end of our farce trial qualified by international observers and organizations of Human Rights as an unfair trial because the judgments of civil justice supported those of military justice issued in February 2013, which affirms the political nature of the trial through which the Moroccan system sought to take revenge because of our activities in favor of the rights of our people to freedom and dignity, in addition to the international support of the Saharawi national cause achieved after the mass exodus of the Saharawis towards the Gdeim Izik camp in which we have played a significant role in the history of the struggle of Saharawi people to defend their land and claim their right to self-determination and independence.

We are conducting a 48-hour hunger strike to remind the world of our suffering and the violation of our essential rights, particularly the right to dignity and freedom and the transfer of the other Saharawi political prisoners to prisons closer to the places of residence of their families.

Before the intentional delay in the conclusion of the pending cases during more than two years in spite of the fulfillment of all the judicial procedures in the terms established in the legislation under the supervision of the lawyers

On the basis of the aforementioned, we ask the United Nations, the African Union and the European Union and the other human rights organizations to pressure the Moroccan State to free us immediately and put an end to the suffering of our families and our peaceful people.

Local Jail Tiflet 2: Mohamed Lamine Haddi, Al Bachir Al Abed Almehdar Khadda, Sidi Abdellah Ahmed Sidi Abhah, Mohamed Hasanna Ahamed Bourial

Kenitra Central Prison: Ahmed Al Bachir Ahmed Subaai, Al Houssine Almahjoub Zaoui, Sidi Albachir Alali Boutenguiza, Abdellah Alouali Ahmed Lekhfaouni, Naama Abdi Mousa Asfari, Alhasan Sidi Radi Dah

Alarjat Local Prison: Sidi Abdeljalil Kamel Mahmoud Laarousi

Local Jail Ait Melloul 2: Mohamed Ahnini Abouh Bani, Brahim Sidi Ahmed Dadi Ismaili, Sidi Ahmed Faraji Ichi Lemjid, Mohamed Mobarak Ali Salem Lefkir.

For Sahrawi civilian prisoners in Moroccan prisons

Gdeim Izik Group

Monday, September 16, 2019