SSU Youth Federal Secretary reiterates her organisation’s support to the Saharawi legitimate struggle

Karlstad (Sweden) 10 August 2019 (SPS)- Swedish Social Democratic Youth Union’s, Andrea TÖRNESTAM, reaffirmed her Union's firm support for the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination in her statement during the second day of the SSU Youth Congress, taking place from 9 to 12 August in Karlstad, Sweden.

TÖRNESTAM highly commended the attendance by the Saharawi Youth Union (UJSARIO), represented by the member of the UJSARIO External Relations’ Technical Team, Mr. Ahmed Mulai, expressing her organisation’s support to the legitimate struggle of the Sahrawi people for freedom.

She further lamented the serious violations committed by the Moroccan authorities of occupation against the Sahrawi innocent citizens in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, in addition to the continuing suffering of the Sahrawi refugees for decades.

On her part, the representative of the Norwegian Socialist Youth, who attended the conference, stressed the political and humanitarian support provided by her country to the Saharawi people, including her Party.

On another hand, the representative of the UJSARIO External Relations’ Technical Team held various meetings on the margins of the conference. He attended an interactive meetings in which representatives of the international delegations participated with the leadership of the SSU Youth League. In his statement he stressed that all what the Saharawi people want is a concrete political support that would enable the complete liberation of Western Sahara from Moroccan occupation.

It should be recalled that the representative of the Sahrawi youth seized the opportunity of the presence of the Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Leuven, yesterday, to raise the issue of Western Sahara, asking him why the Socialist government abstained from recognising the Saharawi Republic as promised.

He also asked the Prime Minister for Swedish support to the Sahrawi people in their legitimate struggle for liberation and independence, stressing that the Social Democratic Party cannot ignore the suffering of the Sahrawi people and has the historical and moral obligation to give it due priority.

 The SSU Youth Congress is expected to elect its new leadership on Sunday, and will adopt a new work plan and issue recommendations on various issues raised during these days.

090/500/60 (SPS)